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El Diablo Tranquilo Hostel

The original El Diablo Tranquilo Hostel, opened November of 2007, has welcomed guests year round from over 80 countries around the world. With its open loft design, many terraces and hammocks, communal kitchen and lounge spaces, and beautiful ocean view, the hostel provides everything you need to enjoy your stay- whether you’re looking to rest and relax; eat, drink and be merry; explore the town; meet new people; be part of a community; or just have the time of your life. There’s something special about this place that connects our visitors to the town, eachother, and us here at El Diablo Tranquilo.

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El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites

El Diablo Tranquilo is proud to announce the opening of their new Playa Suites. Located right on the beach, guests can enjoy panoramic ocean views, hammocks and terraces, a restaurant and bar, just a step from the sandy beach. Built for backpackers by backpackers, the brand new facility provides all the personal attention and detail needed to thrive year round, including: American and Uruguay outlets and reading lights for each bed, access to our full media library, internet and WiFi, personal lockers built to fit the biggest ruck sack, and an in-house restaurant and bar with live music, plus all the views, spirits and fun that make Punta del Diablo a destination.

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Veni a vivir la magia del Diablo Tranquilo!! Come to experience the magic of the Diablo Tranquilo

La magia del Diablo Tranquilo
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