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"It isn’t the buildings or the views that make us Punta del Diablo’s iconic hostel –
It’s our people"


El Diablo Tranquilo is a hostel, hotel, beach bar and maybe most importantly – home for an eclectic group of people living together on the beautiful Rocha coast.  Whatever your style or your budget, we think that sharing some time with us will give you an experience worth remembering.

Whatever your preferred method of travel, there is a space just for you.  Our Playa Suites location houses our beach bar as well as dorms and suites with magnificent panoramic views.  There is nothing like catching the first glimpse of the sun as it rises over the point and our little pueblo.  In the original hostel, you’ll find a warm and inviting lobby, with 16 foot high windows as the backdrop to a warm hearth and always a few smiling faces from any corner of the globe sitting on our circle of couches.

You never know what activities our staff will have come up with, or who you’ll meet once you come inside.  We don’t just hang our hat on being Punta del Diablo’s iconic hostel – having been featured in Lonely Planet, National Geographic and leading newspapers on four continents – we know that it’s all about the people and make sure that those you meet behind the desk are as intriguing as those you’ll find at the bar, in the surf or anywhere else on your travels.

Above all we understand that your trip, whether it lasts a weekend or a year, will be defined by a few unforgettable memories.  Our goal is to provide you with what you need not just to eat and sleep, but to facilitate all those moments that make a place stick with you. Those intangibles which ensure that you leave Punta del Diablo as we did the first time; brimming with stories to tell and friends made of the mix of sun, sand, moon and ocean.

If that’s not enough – rent a horse, a surfboard, or a boogie board, hike out to the Forteleza of Santa Teresa, explore the Bosque de Ombues or the Laguna Negra, spend a day volunteering with marine turtles at Karumbe – just get out here and see what happens!


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